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Consulting specialized in the analysis of historical structures. In preparing the reports, we follow a methodology with the following phases:

  • Pathological analysis. Detailed identification of damages.
  • Geometric analysis. High definition topographic measurement by 3D scanner of the current geometry compared to the original construction geometry.
  • Historical analysis. Study of the construction phases.
  • Analysis of loads and stresses. Study of structural behavior based on the theory of limit states executed with CARYBO’s own development software.
  • Trials with 3D scale models. Printing of 3D models to scale of the structure and necessary tests to corroborate loads and origin of the pathologies.
  • Diagnosis. The conclusion to the previous analyzes is a general diagnosis that includes the origin of the pathologies, the prognosis depending on the severity and the proposals for action.
  • Treatment and application. Details, design and development of the proposals for action.