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Roman Temple of Diana

The final diagnosis has two main points: The columns suffer significant displacement at the start of the vaults towards the exterior, and the concrete braces under the top roof’s skylight, not only do not avoid said displacement, but exerts more harmful pressure on the vault’s dome even causing some bricks to break.

The partial elimination of the existing building from the 1970s indicated a precarious operation that, if we keep in mind the architectural objective of valuing the age of the building, caused poorly healed wounds. The concrete braces were an acceptable situation when they  didn’t know the secondary effects. Today we know that the masonry structural elements and reinforced concrete are gravely incompatible for their different physical, mechanical, and chemical characteristics. This case is a clear example of this incompatibility.

Client: Extremadura City Council
Year: 2015
Location: Mérida (Badajoz)
Tags: badajoz consulting mérida roman temple of diana