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Santa Maria de Valpuesta-Berberana

The goal of this report is the analysis and diagnosis of the structural behavior of the cloister of Santa Maria de Valpuesta-Berberana in Burgos.

In general terms the building is in a reasonable state without active, grave pathologies. The cloister’s vaults do not seem to be at risk of collapsing due to overloading. However, some ribbing voussoirs and arches are loose due to the deformation’s cracks, causing a risk of partial displacement. In general, we recommend that they actively monitor as a control system for possible displacement in critical points. The transverse arches of the cloister should be reinforced because they have suffered large deformations, some have even lost their initial geometry.

Client: Archbishop of Burgos
Year: 2011
Location: Valpuesta (Burgos)
Tags: Burgos cloister consulting diagnosis santa maría de valpuesta-berberana