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Santa Maria la Nueva Church

Through the analysis of the Santa Maria la Nueva Church, important deformations in the north and south facades, including the corresponding springers, are visible. Collapses are always towards the exterior, independent of the geographic orientation. According to the topographic data, the north facade presents a larger deformation than the south facade.

The central body has faced an overloading that caused the cracks in the lateral springers and the crown of the transverse arches as it appears in the figure.

To reach stability in the system we propose adding an additional load of 800 kp to the spring line of each toral arch, separated into two packs of 400 kp at each side of the arch on each spring line.

Client: Fundación Rei Afonso Henriques
Year: 2011
Location: Zamora (Zamora)
Tags: church consulting santa maría la nueva Zamora